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PIC-R    Revell

In 1965 the toy company Remco Industries of Harrison, New Jersey introduced the first of several (at least three) 'Thimble City' playsets. In the playsets were, besides an underscaled firetruck, copies of three of Revell's 1/87th scale Chrysler models. 


The playset models were, with the exception of the Station Wagon converted to a towtruck, copies of the Revell models. The wheels of the models from the sets do not turn and the models have magnets on the underside, all playsets included a 'magic wand' with the help of which the models could be moved around. 


Ref# Model
? Chrysler Imperial
? Dodge Dart 
? Plymouth towtruck
? ? firetruck (~1/120)

Remco model

Remco model compared to a Revell model.

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