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PIC-R / PIC-K    Heljan / Remco

Well known for their larger scale kits, Revell has also released several 87th scale kits and even some 87th scale ready-made models. The ready-made models were made in cooperation with the Chrysler corporation, and were all modelled after 1961 Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth prototypes. In total, there were seven different models, all available with chrome trim and in colours that were taken from the 1961 Chrysler colour chart. These colours were black, white, light grey, light blue, light green, dark red and tan.

The following models were available:

Ref# Model
? Chrysler Imperial 2-door Hardtop (model by Sylvain Le Stum)
? Chrysler convertible 
? Dodge Polara 2-door Hardtop Coupe 
? Dodge Lancer Sedan
? Dodge Dart (model by Sylvain Le Stum)
? Plymouth Savoy Stationwagon
? Plymouth Valiant Stationwagon
? Set of seven ready-made models
? Set of seven models in kit-form / instruction sheet 

The models seemed to have disappeared from the market, but were suddenly rereleased by Heljan. In this kit, all the models were moulded in grey and the chrome-trim was gone. The models have also been made / distributed / copied by a company called Rico, we are still looking for more information on this.

Besides the cars, there were trucks as well. These are the two kits we know of, and these were also rereleased by Heljan:

Ref# Model
? Ford 'C' with closed trailer
? Ford 'C' with cartransporter trailer (pic.below)


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