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Rowland Miniatures

MDC-K    W&T Manufacturing.

Manufactured by W&T Manufacturing in the UK. 1/76 (OO) scale white-metal kits of classic vehicles, many of them from the steam-era. We have found several series of models with the same ref#, all kits are listed per series.

The following models are available:

Ref# Model
04 Fowler BB ploughing engine
05 Fowler BB ploughing engine (2 in kit)
06 Fowler balancing plough
07 Fowler steamengine
08 Burrell steamengine
09 Sentinel S4 steamtruck
10 Marshall steamengine
11 Fowler showmans tractor
12 Burrell showmans tractor
13  4-wheeled flatcart
14 Robey steamtruck
15 Robey steamtruck / trailer
16 Robey steamtruck / tipper
17 2-wheeled water/tar sprayer
01 Road repair set (roadroller, compressor, figures)
03 Austin 7
09 Horsedrawn gypsycaravan with horse
10 Aveling steamroller
11 Fowler steamtractor (2 in kit) and cultivator

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