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Scalecast Models
Source: Gunter's Car Company Catalog 2001


Metal kits, one in 1/87th, the rest in 1/76th scale.

Kit listing

Ref# Model Year
SC01 Ruston-Bucyrus 19-RB 5/8 yard skimmer 1937-1960s
SC02 Ruston-Bucyrus 19-RB 5/8 yard shovel 1937-1960s
SC03 Barber-Greene 879-A paver/finisher 1940-1950s
SC04 Ruston-Bucyrus 19-RB dragline 1937-1960s
SC05 Greens DRM Mk I diesel roller 1933-1950s
SC06 Ruston-Bucyrus 19-RB dragshovel 1937-1960s
SC07 Benford concrete mixer/dumper 1960s-
SC08 Barber-Greene 82-A bucket loader 1936- 
SC09 Ruston-Bucyrus 22-RB crane 1950-1994
SC10 Ruston-Bucyrus 22-RB dragline 1950-1994
SC11 Ruston-Bucyrus 22-RB dragshovel 1950s-
SC12 Ruston-Bucyrus 22-RB yard skimmer 1950s-
SC13 Ruston-Bucyrus 22-RB shovel 1950-1994
SC17 International Harvester BTD bulldozer with shovel 1950s
SC17A International Harvester TD 6 bullgrader 1950s
SC18 Caterpillar Type 12 motor grader 1940s 
RW15 Chaseside Hi-Lift loader 1940-1950s
RH1B Ruston-Bucyrus 22-RB dragline (1/87 scale) 1950-1994

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