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SHM Modellbau
Information & pictures received from Theo Gijsbers


Zobel 4x4 built by Theo Gijsbers

Highly detailed resin kits of armoured vehicles of the German Bundeswehr.

Ref# Model Remarks
SHM-01 Wiesel w/20mm MK complete kit
SHM-02 Wiesel w/TOW complete kit
SHM-03 Fera 4x4 firecontrol   conversion kit for ROCO
SHM-04 Bat Mobil (command vehicle) conversion kit for ROCO
SHM-05 M113 firecontrol vehicle conversion kit for ROCO
SHM-06 M113 new basket conversion kit for ROCO
SHM-07 Büffel complete kit
SHM-08 Wiesel, crew members conversion kit for ROCO
SHM-09 Command tank XM4 (big box for MLRS units) conversion kit for ROCO
SHM-10 Magirus 6x6 5t crane conversion kit for ROCO
SHM-11 Keiler mineclearing tank (prototype) complete kit
SHM-12 Detailed tracks for M60/M48  conversion kit for ROCO
SHM-13 Zobel 4x4 armoured car complete kit
SHM-14 Wiesel w/Stinger complete kit
SHM-15 BV-206 Hägglunds complete kit
SHM-16 Keiler mineclearing tank complete kit
SHM-17 Merkava Mk.II tank complete kit
SHM-?? M113 green archer complete kit
SHM-?? Supacat Mk.II 6x6 ATMP complete kit
SHM-?? Swedish Büffel ARV 120/Bgbv 120 conversion kit for ROCO

Supacat 6x6 built by Theo Gijsbers

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