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Additional information received from Gabriel Oneglia

PIC-R / PYE-R / MDC-R (Some models also available in kit-form)

May 2006: We have had a request for more information regarding the brass Fiat models presented by Tecnotren in 1992/93 on the site for quite a while, and have received an e-mail and even a scanned copy of a flyer from Gabriel Oneglia regarding these and other Tecnotren models just this week. 

Rumour said Tecnotren ended production some years ago, probably in 2004, and sold all moulds to another Italian manufacturer, Model IV Factory. This is, however, not certain. The magazine in which this news was published (Modelli Auto , issue n° 75 of Jan./Feb. 2006) mentions this in an article about Model IV Factory but the spelling of the company name is a little different – TecnoTren.

The following models are/were (?) available:


Model Remarks
111001 Fiat 600 Berlina Probably a brass copy of the Eko model
111002 Fiat 600 Multipla  Probably a brass copy of the Eko model
111003 Fiat 600 Multipla Taxi version, probably a brass copy of the Eko model
111004 Fiat 500 C 'Topolino' Roof open
111005 Fiat 500 C 'Topolino' Roof closed
111009 Fiat 508 A 'Balilla' Probably a brass copy of the Anguplas model
111010 Fiat 508 A 'Balilla' Taxi version, probably a brass copy of the Anguplas model
111013 Fiat Bianchina cabrio   
111015* Fiat 1100 cabrio   
111018** Fiat 850 Abarth  Resin, ready-made 
111023** Fiat 1000 Abarth  Resin, ready-made
111051 Fiat 600 Berlina Taxi version, probably a brass copy of the Eko model
111052 Fiat 600 Multipla Kit version, probably a brass copy of the Eko model
111054 Fiat 500 C 'Topolino' Kit version, roof open
111065 Fiat 500 C 'Topolino' Firebrigade version 
111066*** Fiat 508 C 1100 Furgone   Firebrigade version 
111068 Fiat 508 C 1100 berlina  Firebrigade version 
111100 Fiat 500 C / 600 / 600 Multipla Set of three silver plated models
111104 Fiat 500 C 'Topolino' Roof open, unpainted brass version
111154 Fiat 500 C 'Topolino' Roof open, silver plated version
111200 Fiat 500 C / 600 / 600 Multipla Set of three gold plated models
111204 Fiat 500 C 'Topolino' Roof open, gold plated version
111300 Man F90 'Moretti'  Tractor/trailer (Herpa based)
111302 Man F90 'Centrale latte'  Tractor/trailer (Herpa based)
111304 Man F90 'Genova carni'  Tractor/trailer (Herpa based)
111305 Man F90 “LAGHI”  Tractor/trailer (Herpa based)
111307 Volvo F10 'BALDO'  Tractor/trailer (Herpa based)
111307/1  Iveco 'BALDO'  Tractor/trailer (Herpa based)

* Fiat never made a true cabrio version of an 1100 (of any model). Several cabrio models were made by contemporary bodybuilders such as Bertone, Monterosa and others, but they were very different from the standard saloon model, mainly because they had only 2 doors. This model could be the complete rolling - opening soft roof version of the Fiat 508 C 'Balilla' 1100, a model which existed, (somewhat identical to the 1938 Opel Olympia – Busch 41110) but this was a special verson which was intended as a staff and press service car for Italian cycle races like the Giro d’Italia, Milano – Sanremo, etc.). Another interesting, true full cabrio body style version, was a military one, but this version only has 2 doors as well.
** these two models were made after the very colorful racing versions of the Fiat 600 Berlina, upgraded by Abarth, an official Fiat racing preparator in Turin (maybe Tecnotren reproduced the rear engine bonnet open ? This was, and still is, very 'Abarth style').
*** this is the panel van version of the Fiat. The real car was also produced with lateral windows, but only for commercial and utility use.

The flyer:

Tecnotren.JPG (96734 bytes)

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