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Tomica / Tomy


Tomy, a Japanese company founded in 1924 is the second largest toy company in Japan and manufactures diecast models under the Tomy and Tomica brand names. The first diecast models appeared around 1970 and although Tomica is not a real 87th scale manufacturer (most of their models range in scale from about 1/64 to 1/112, the size of the box is fixed, thus the scale of the model is adjusted in such a way that the model fits in the box) they did make several actual HO scale models in the 1970s. Takara Co., Ltd. and TOMY Co., Ltd. have merged in March 2006, the new company is called TOMY Company, Ltd.

In 1973 Tomy released a series of diecast tank modelkits equipped with rubber tracks under the 'Tomy/Tomica' brand name. The models were also sold preassembled under the 'Combat Tomica' label and each tank model came with 5 figures, snap on wheels and decals.

Model-listing (possibly incomplete):

Ref  Model Remarks
001 M60 'Patton' tank USA, readymade
002 M60A1 'Patton' tank USA,  readymade
003 M60A1E1 'Patton' tank (M66) USA, readymade
004 PzKpfw. VI 'Tiger I' tank Germany, readymade
005 PzKpfw. III Ausf. F tank Germany, readymade
006 PzKpfw. III Ausf. G tank Germany, readymade
007 Type 61 tank Japan, readymade
008 T34/85 tank USSR, readymade
009 SU85 tank USSR, readymade
010 Centurion tank UK, readymade
011 Chieftain III tank  UK, readymade
012 M41 'Walker Bulldog' tank USA, readymade
013 M42 'Walker Bulldog' tank USA, readymade
8500 M60 'Patton' tank USA, kit
8501 Chieftain III tank UK, kit
8502 M60A1E1 'Patton' tank (M66) USA, kit
8503 PzKpfw. VI 'Tiger I' tank Germany, kit
8504 Type 61 tank Japan, kit
8505 T34/85 tank USSR, kit
8506 SU85 tank USSR, kit
8507 M41 'Walker Bulldog' tank USA, kit
8508 M42 'Walker Bulldog' tank USA, kit

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