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Additional information received from Florian Thomas


Tootsietoy was a trademark of Dowst & Company which was founded in 1876. In 1893 Dowst & Company purchased a 'Linotype' machine at the World's Fair and company owner Samuel Dowst began manufacturing die-cast novelties and eventually toys. His first successfull toy was a small limousine model. The 'Tootsietoy' trade name was registered in 1924 and in 1926 the company was sold to Nathan Shure, who merged it with his Cosmo Toy and Novelty Company. Finally, with the acquisition of the Strombecker Company, the company was renamed to Strombecker in 1961.

Ford Sunliner


Ref# Model Colour
24?? Ford Sunliner convertible red/silver seats
24?? Nash Rambler stationwagon mintgreen/cream roof
???? Set: Nash Rambler wagon , race car w/trailer mintgreen/cream roof / blue / yellow
2205 Cadillac Series 62 blue/white roof
2460 Set: Ford Sunliner convertible / Nash Rambler stationwagon red/silver seats / mintgreen/cream roof
2465 Ford school bus yellow with black
2470 GMC dumptruck red/silver
24?? GMC wrecker   white/red
2490 I.H. Metro van darkgreen/brown 'Railway Express'
2490 I.H. Metro van   white 'Sunnydale Farm Fresh Milk'
2490 I.H. Metro van   red 'Paris Dry Cleaners'
2490 I.H. Metro van   blue 'Mercury Parcel Service'
2490 I.H. Metro van white/blue 'U.S.MAIL'
24?? Speedboats (without trailer) white/brown + brown/white (deck/body)
24?? Rambler stationwagon with trailer orange 'U-haul' trailer
24?? Rambler stationwagon with speedboat on trailer yellow trailer 

All models have been available in different combinations blistered on cards, known examples are for instance a combination of Cadillac and Ford Sunliner on one card but also the Ford Sunliner with speedboat. As far as we know now, and with the exception of the I.H.Metro van, the models have only been available in a single colour, there were no color variations.

Tootsietoys_Cadillac.jpg (13726 bytes) Tootsietoys_Stepvan.jpg (13004 bytes)
Cadillac Series 62 (1/87) I.H. Metro van (~1/80)
Tootsietoys_Schoolbus.jpg (15656 bytes) Tootsietoys_dumptruck.jpg (16287 bytes)
Ford Schoolbus (~1/90) GMC dumptruck (1/87)

Nash Rambler stationwagon

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