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Top Models


French manufacturer of small series of resin and white-metal kits.

Top Models ref# 8705 - Berliet GAK

Catalogue scans:

TopModels_Front+Rear.jpg (136646 bytes) TopModels_Inside.jpg (152833 bytes)

Kit listing (partial):

Ref# Model
8701 Renault 4CV
8702 CitroŽn Traction 11B
8703 Chenard & Walker truck (1930)
8704 CitroŽn C4 towtruck (1930)
8705 Berliet GAK beverage delivery truck
8706 Renault AHN 3.5t truck (1938-1947)
8707 WillŤme truck
8708 Berliet T100 oilfield truck
8709 Renault R4080 flat truck
8710 Delahaye 103 firetruck (ladder)
8711 CitroŽn H
8712 Far (three-wheeled tractor) + trailer
8713 Renault Estafette
8714 Renault 4L F4 
8718 Renault Frťgate Domaine
8720 Mack DM500 solo tractor
? Berliet GDM10 flat truck
8729 Berliet GAK tank fire truck
? Mack D685 truck
8739 Mack CF fire truck
8740 Renault Camiva fire truck
8741 Renault/Berliet GBH 280 fire truck
8744 Renault Castor Simpar 4x4 fire truck
8746 Camiva Pump
? International Transtar COE 3-axle tractor
? Matford

Spare parts & accessories:

Ref# Model
C01 Renault R4080 cab (1947)
C02 Renault R4144 120CV cab (1955)
C03 ?
C04 Renault J cab (1972)
C05 Renault/Berliet GBH 280 cab 
C10 Mack 700F cab
C11 Mack CF cab
DM01 Caterpillar electric power generator
ER01 Camiva CCI firetruck (5000 Liter)
ER02 Camiva CCI firetruck (10000 Liter)
ER05 Set of forest firefighting equipment
ER16 Firefighting accessories

CitroŽn C4 towtruck

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