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Additional information received from Lee Nehlsen and Nick Katzingris.


Varney Scale Models was founded by Gordon Varney in 1936, and was one of the first US companies that produced HO scale locomotive kits. They made their first plastic kit as early as 1940, using a plastic called 'Tenite'. Apart from locomotives and carriages they also made a series of HO-scale car and truckmodels. The vehicles are solid and have no interiors. Some are made of clear plastic. The models had black wheels and were sold both as ready-made painted models and as kits. The company was sold in 1960, and Gordon Varney died five years later. Most of the Varney railroad products are currently available from Life-Like. 

These are the models we have found sofar: 

Ref# Model Year
1 Ford F-1 pick-up 1948
3 Ford Crestliner sedan 1953
6 Ford Panelvan 1948
13 Studebaker Coupé 1953
? ? stakebed truck ?
? ? dumptruck ?
? ? truck with closed body ?
? Caterpillar D7 bulldozer ?
? ? tractor ?


Two pictures found on Ebay, in the left one you see the truckmodels. The flatbed may have been a stakebed, therefor it is not listed above. In the right picture you see several colourvariations of the Fords.

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