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Vertiges models
Information & pictures: Ulrich Schmidt

There is a persistent rumour in the small series manufacturers world that should be dealt with here first, it is often said that Vertiges is a name-creative composition made up by the ever present brothers JŲrg and Knuth Stettnisch from Berlin but this is not the case. It is true that several pre-production samples of the models made by Vertiges were shown at the Stettnisch booth on the 1992 Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg but the models were actually made by Christian Restier from France, the same man that was behind one of the best magazines dedicated to 1/87 modelling ever published ('HO Vťhicule International (hovi)' , a three-lingual magazine with extensive reports about availability of models in 1/87 and lesser known manufacturers made by authors and collectors which stopped after 13 issues because of the ever rising cost.) 

There was, however, extensive personal contact between Knuth Stettnisch (KS-Modelle), Evrat, Vertiges models and US-models at the time, and the possibilities of a joint-venture were discussed at the Paris Show in spring 1992. Unfortunately, this joint-venture remained limited to a few models only (see below, f.e. series 3 - Peugeot Oxia and Mercedes 600 made and distributed by KS-Modelle and CitroŽn 2CV and Porsche Speedster made and distributed by Evrat.). Other models never got further then prototype status, and models from series 1 and 2 exist as unique one-off models, pre-production samples or samples for demonstration and/or incomplete kits only. Vertiges models did show an information sheet to the joint-venture partners in 1992 in which Christian Restier tentatively lists all models with expected price and issue dates.

The ready-made models that were announced in series 1 and 2 would have featured details that, given the 1992 possibilities, would have given the models an extremely high standard (photo-etched parts for grille, air-inlets, dashboard, rims etc.). It was also planned to use type-specific decals.

VM-1011 Ferrari 750 Monza

To give you some idea of what was planned we are showing the Vertiges VM-1011 Ferrari 750 Monza (pictured above), that had a body and bottomplate made of resin by Evrat (see picture with Evrat logo), photo-etched parts made by Le Mans Miniatures (which was not manufacturing under that name at the time) and decals made by KS-Modelle. Assembly and finish were done at US-models, and distribution was in the hands of Stettnisch. The model shown is a one-off, apart from this model only 20 bodies without the accessories were made which is about the same as there were done of the VM-1015 Ferrari 250GT California, of which a pre-production sample was shown in Nuremberg and pictured in the Modell-Auto Zeitschrift (MAZ).

VM-1015 Ferrari 250GT California and VM-2001 Bugatti T35GP (1924) (picture © MAZ 1992)

VM-1015 Ferrari 250GT California - without photo-etched accessories

The models:

Ref# Model 
1001 Ferrari GTO (1962) - presentation
1002 Ferrari GTO (1963)
1003 Ferrari GTO (1963) - Tourist Trophy
1004 Ferrari GTO (1962) - Le Mans
1005 Ferrari GTO (1965) - Spa
1006 Ferrari GTO (1964) - Tour de France
1007 Ferrari GTO (1963) - Laguna Seca
1008 Ferrari Tourist Trophy 1963
1009 Ferrari Targa Florio 1962
1010 Ferrari GTO (1962) - Sebring
1011 Ferrari 750 Monza
1012 Ferrari 500 F2 (1963)
1013 Ferrari 250 Testarossa (1958)
1014 Ferrari GTS/4 Daytona (1971)
1015 Ferrari 250GT California
1016 Ferrari 512S Modulo
1017 Ferrari 250GTO (1964)
1018 Ferrari Testarossa convertible (1987)
2001 Bugatti T35GP ( 1924)
2002 Bugatti Atalante convertible
2003 Bugatti Royale Coupť de Ville
3001 CitroŽn 2CV (1948)
3002 CitroŽn 2CV (1949)
3003 CitroŽn 2CV (1950)
3004 CitroŽn 2CV Cogolin
3005 CitroŽn DS21 Pallas
3006 Porsche 911 Speedster
3009 Peugeot Oxia
3010 Mercedes 600 Pullmann
3011 Mercedes 600 Landaulet
3012 Mercedes 300 (1953)

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