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Vulcan Hobbies


Solid cast lear resin kits with metal parts.

According to information found on www.meguntic.com in January 2004 the owner of Vulcan, Mr. Ashlee, passed away. Production of the kits had stopped but in April 2004 the moulds were bought by the Cattin's. Both master and mould are currently being reworked and the models may return to the market in the future.

Ref# Model Year
VH-01 Hudson Terraplane 4-door sedan 1935
VH-02 Hudson Terraplane pickup 1935
VH-03 Lincoln Zephyr coupé 1937
VH-05 Chevrolet Carryall 1935
VH-06 Chevrolet panel truck 1936
VH-07 Willys 4-door sedan 1933
VH-08 Willys coupé 1941
VH-09 Willys pickup truck 1941
VH-10 Diamond T tanker 1934
VH-11 Diamond T panel truck 1936
VH-12 Diamond T pickup truck 1937
VH-13 Dodge tractor 1939
VH-14 Dodge COE tractor 1940
VH-15 Federal tractor 1941
VH-16 International flatnose COE tractor 1940
VH-17 Brockway tractor 1937
VH-18 Mack pickup 1939
VH-19 Mack flatbed truck 1938
VH-20 Studebaker COE tractor 1937
VH-21 White tractor 1940
VH-22 Dodge Airflow tanker 1938
VH-23 Chevrolet flatbed truck 1936
VH-24 Dodge Airflow tractor 1938
VH-25 Studebaker Dictator coupé 1936
VH-26 Dodge 5-window COE tractor 1948
VH-27 Hudson Business coupé 1935
VH-28 International flatbed - 1/2 stakebed truck 1940
VH-29 Dodge 3-axle conventional tractor 1950
VH-30 Dodge 2-axle conventional tractor 1950
VH-31 Chevrolet canopy express truck 1936
VH-32 Reo 12.5' flatbed truck 1940
VH-33 Chevrolet pickup truck 1936
VH-34 Dodge Ram 2500 utility 1995
VH-35 Dodge Ram 3500 flatbed 1995
VH-36 Dodge Ram 3500 dually pickup 1995
VH-37 Willys panel delivery van 1933
VH-38 International short stakebed truck 1929
VH-39 Dodge firetruck (pumper) 1939
VH-40 Chevrolet firetruck (pumper) 1941
VH-41 Ford COE tanker 1938
VH-42 International ice truck 1930
VH-43 Chevrolet 1.5t 2-axle tractor 1941
VH-44 Chevrolet canopy express 1936
VH-45 Pierce Arrow 15 passenger bus 1937
VH-46 Pierce Arrow convertible, top up 1934
VH-47 Ford COE tractor 1938
VH-48 Dodge conventional coal truck 1950
VH-49 Ford COE tractor 1947
VH-50 Ford F-6 COE tractor 1948
VH-?? Chevrolet dump truck 1930
VH-?? Willys coupé 1933
VH-?? Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow 2-door sedan 1934
VH-?? Hudson 4-door sedan 1935
VH-?? Pierce Arrow coupé 1937
VH-?? Lincoln Zephyr 4-door sedan 1937
VH-?? Reo streamlined moving van 1937
VH-?? Diamond T farm truck 1938
VH-?? Diamond T tractor with sleeper 1939
VH-?? Diamond T tractor 1939
VH-?? Dodge COE tractor 1948
VH-?? Dodge 2500 pickup shortbed 6.5'/longbed 7.5' 1995
VH-?? Dodge Ram 3500 utility 1995
VH-?? Dodge Ram club cab shortbed 6.5'/longbed 7.5' 1995
VH-?? Dodge Ram club cab dually 1995
VH-?? Dodge Ram club cab utility 1995
VH-?? Dodge Ram club cab flatbed 1995

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