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Woodland Scenics
- additional information received from Matthias Hennies


American Woodland Scenics, well-known for their scenic detailing and landscaping products, als produces a series of white-metal kits. All kits are based on American prototypes.

The following kits are available:

Ref# Model Remarks
207 John Deere model 'A' tractor with disc redesigned streamlined hood / 'rubber' tyres
208 John Deere model 'A' tractor with planter redesigned streamlined hood / 'rubber' tyres
211 John Deere model 'A' tractor original design with steel wheels
217 1914 Diamond T 'service truck' kit includes dry transfers
218 1914 Diamond T grain truck kit includes dry transfers
228 Motorcycle set one motorcycle has a sidecar
233 Caterpillar bulldozer/tractor  
234 Caterpillar grader  
235 Caterpillar traxcavator  
237 Insley model 'K' backhoe  
242 1914 Diamond T tanktruck kit includes dry transfers
244 1914 Diamond T tractor/trailer  
246 Hyster tracked logging cruiser  
247 Federal dumptruck  
303 80 ton Lowboy trailer  
304 1950's 30 ft Van trailer with corrugated sides  

In 2005 a new series of ready-made models appeared in the 'AutoScenes' series. Apart from the car(s), the sets also include figures. The following models have been released sofar :

Ref# Scene name Model*
AS5521  Hall & Duke 1955 Chevrolet Pick-up
AS5522  Billy Brown's Coupe 1951 / 1952 Chevrolet Bel Air
AS5523  Felix Fix-a-Flat 1958 Plymouth Fury hardtop 
AS5524  Wayne Recker's Tow Service 1956 Chevrolet Apache towtruck / 1949 Mercury Tudor
AS5525  Family Vacation 1955 Chevrolet Nomad
AS5526  Lubeners Loading 1955 Ford Sedan Tudor
AS5527  Roger's Rag Top 1948 Ford convertible
AS5528  Willie's Warning 1949 Ford police car / 1951 Chevrolet
AS5529  Mickey's Milk Delivery 1950s Boyertown van
AS5530  Spoonin'-N-Croonin' 1949 Mercury Tudor
AS5531  Rusty's Regret 1958 Plymouth Fury hardtop
AS5532  Thompson's Travelin' Trailer 1955 Chevrolet Nomad w/camping trailer
AS5533  Suds & Shine 1939 Ford Coupe
AS5534  Pickem' Up Truck 1955 Chevrolet Pick-up
AS5535  Sunday Drive 1948 Ford convertible
AS5536  Cruisin' Coupes 1939 Ford and 1951 / 1952 Chevrolet Bel Air
AS5537 Cop'n a Kiss 1948 Ford convertible
AS5538 Henry's Haulin' 1956 Chevrolet stake truck
AS5539 Peter's Painting   1950s Boyertown van
AS5540 Getaway Gangsters 1939 Ford Coupe / 1949 Ford Police car
AS5541 Ike's Ice Cream Truck 1950s Boyertown Van
AS5542 Ma & Pa's Trailer Heaven 1950s single axle camp trailer
AS5543 Shove It or Leave It 1958 Plymouth Fury hardtop
AS5544 Flanders' Fishing Trip 1955 Ford Sedan Tudor hardtop w/trailer and boat
AS5545 Rusty Springs Furniture ?
AS5546 Pit Stop 1955 Ford Sedan Tudor hardtop
AS5547 Hitchin' A Ride 1948 Ford convertible
AS5548 Carburetor Chaos ? Chevrolet panel delivery
AS5549 Born to Ride Two motorbikes, one trike
AS5550 Rocky's Road Repair 1956 Chevrolet dumptruck
AS5551 Dog Gone Animal Control ? Chevrolet panel delivery
AS5552 Parked For a Picnic 1958 Plymouth Fury hardtop
AS5553 Tim Burr Logging ? Mack E truck w/flatbed and logs
AS5554 Bad Boy Bikers Three custom motorbikes
AS5555 Lumpy`s Coal Company ? Mack E dumptruck
AS5556 Sign Slingers 1956 Chevrolet Pick-up

* the models are not very detailed, probably because Woodland Scenics wanted to avoid licensing issues, but they resemble the models mentioned.

1949 Mercury Tudor

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