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Modell - Car Zenker

Assembled resin models of actual GDR prototypes, manufactured since 2001. Most parts are made of resin from handmade masters (G5 truck cab for example), although some components are taken from other manufacturers (H6/S4000 truck cabs).

Please note that not all the models are available yet.

Ref# Model Version
MCZ 10 - 100IFA G5 fire equipment truck "Feuerwehr"
MCZ 10 - 201IFA G5 tank truck "NVA"
MCZ 10 - 202IFA G5 airport tank truck "Minol"
MCZ 10 - 203IFA G5 tank truck "Minol"
MCZ 10 - 204IFA G5 tank truck "Feuerwehr"
MCZ 10 - 205IFA G5 kerosene tank truck "Feuerwehr Dresden"
MCZ 10 - 206IFA G5 tank truck lightblue cab, gray tank
MCZ 10 - 301IFA G5 water tank truck "NVA"
MCZ 10 - 302IFA G5 water tank truck "DRK - Hilfszug"
MCZ 10 - 303IFA G5 water tank truck -
MCZ 10 - 401IFA G5 pickup truck with canvas "NVA"
MCZ 10 - 402IFA G5 pickup truck gray, black roof
MCZ 10 - 403IFA G5 pickup truck lightblue
MCZ 10 - 404IFA G5 pickup truck "Minol"
MCZ 10 - 405IFA G5 pickup truck gray
MCZ 10 - 406IFA G5 pickup truck with canvas "Feuerwehr Berlin - Ost"
MCZ 10 - 407IFA G5 pickup truck with canvas "DRK - Hilfszug"
MCZ 10 - 501IFA G5 staff box truck "NVA"
MCZ 10 - 601IFA G5 service box truck "NVA"
MCZ 10 - 602IFA G5 service box truck -
MCZ 10 - 701IFA G5 with oil and water heating body "NVA"
MCZ 10 - 801IFA G5 pumper TLF 15 "Feuerwehr"
MCZ 11 - 101IFA S4000-1 3-side dumper "Hunger, Frankenberg"
MCZ 12 - 101IFA H6 dump truck "Hunger, Frankenberg"
September 2002 S 6 with Wismut articulated bustrailer -
November 2002 Do 56 bus -

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