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The 87th scale Manufacturers List - Part II

Latest additions / changes in GREEN.

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Brandname     (links to website if underlined) Full Name / Country Examples Comments


Ibertren Ibertren-Model Iber SA, Spain modellisting Only two models: a Seat Ritmo and a Mercedes 406 bus in various versions.
ICAR Model Ivo Carvan, Czech Republic modellisting Resin kits and assembled models of Czech prototypes.
IceBear Ice Bear Models / David Stride, UK modellisting Various Borgward and Citroën models, production stopped. 
IGRA IGRA VD, Czech Republic Injection moulded plastic models.
IHC Int'l. Hobby Corp., USA modellisting Formerly known as AHM.
Ikaido Ikaido Asian Globe, China Manufacturer of 'beertrucks' sold under other brandnames.
IMAI IMAI Kagaku Co.Ltd., Japan 1/100 scale plastic kits of US trucks.
IMEX IMEX Model, USA modellisting Die-cast models of mainly American trucks.
IMModell Uli's Messing-Manufaktur, Germany Models of GDR prototypes
Imperial ?, ? Diecast truck models
IMPY Lone Star Products, UK Produced diecast models between 1957-1962. Good quality with doors and hoods that could be opened. Because of the fixed box size the scale varied from 1/58 to 1/79.
IMSE Mr. Imse, Germany modellisting Resin and whitemetal kits.
IMU Interspeed Modellautos Ülsmann, Germany modellisting Several series of plastic models.
Individuelle Modelle Paul Arens, Germany Decals, BMW-Alpina models and Boesch-boats
Ingap Industria Nazionale Giocatelli Automatici, Italy modellisting Two series of models, approx. 1/87 scale.
Initial D Yujin Carmate, Japan modellisting 1/72 scale plastic models.
Int'l. Hobbies International Hobbies, USA
ISAT ?, ?
ITA ?, Italy
Italeri Italeri, Italy modellisting Verious diecast truck and trailer models.
Ivers Engineering Bob Ivers, USA modellisting White-metal kits, production stopped.


J&A ?, ? Offered Shinsei models in their 'Hercules Series'
Jacobs Jacobs Scale Models, Canada modellisting Resin kits.
Jadanettes   Jadali Jouets, France Diecast construction equipment (issued 1958)
JANO Modellbau Jörg Albert, Germany  modellisting Models, kits and parts of GDR prototypes. 
JB Models Jörg Bokmans, The Netherlands modellisting Various resin kits of Citroën models.
JB Models John Thornthwaite, UK modellisting 1/76th (OO) scale plastic modelkits of British military vehicles. Production stopped in 2007, moulds sold to Airfix.
JBOT JBOT Decals, Canada Decals only.
Jems RPM Models, UK modellisting Offered models of different Austin/BMC Mini versions in the 1990s.
JES Models Jan-Erik Sundlin, Sweden modellisting Resin kits, photo-etched accessoiries and decals.
JGES JGES, former GDR modellisting Production stopped in 1990.
Jikayosha ?, Japan modellisting 1/96 scale models used as premiums for the Japanese coffee brand Navi. 
JFK Jutta Fischer Kleinserienmodelle, Germany Ukranian small-series handmade models.
JL Innovative JL Innovative Design, USA modellisting Resin kits.
JMK Jens Müller, Germany modellisting Resin kits.
Joal Joal S.A., Spain modellisting Die-cast 1/87th scale truck- and busmodels.
John Day Vehicle Scenics Crispin Day, UK modellisting 1/76th scale metal kits of British Vehicles
Johnny Lightning ?, USA modellisting Mostly 1/64 but several 1/87 scale models.
Jollyni Jolly Models, Italy modellisting Assembled resin models of sportscars.
Jordan Jordan Products / Jordan Jackson, USA modellisting Highly detailed plastic kits.
Jouef Hornby Plc., UK modellisting Made simple car models for their train sets.
Joy-Toy Vidalis Brothers, Greece modellisting See 'A. B.'.
JRI JRI Inc., ? Now Road Champs. Made a Datsun 280ZX model that was released in ~1981/1982, a 1978 Chevrolet Corvette (yellow with a red stripe) a Pontiac Firebird and a 1982-style Camaro. Detailed models that feature  a little motor. 
More information on these models is welcome !
JUE ?, Brazil


K-HR Karl-Heinz Ramfft, Germany Decals made ca. 1989.
K+R K+R, Czech Republic See Knopp, see Bohemia.
K+S K+S Handels und Innovations gesellschaft mbH, Germany Distributed Le Mans Miniatures in Germany.
KABO KABO, Sweden Simple plastic models, used as give-aways with 'Kalaspuffar' cereal in the 1960s.
Kaden  Kaden S.R.O., Czech Republic modellisting Skoda models only.
Kader Kader Industrial Co. Ltd., Hongkong modellisting Produced copies of Norev models, a Unic truck in at least three versions and two car models, a Simca Ariane and a Citroen DS.
'Kalaspuffar' - Swedish cereal brand that used models as premiums. In the 1970s some of these models were made by R&L. See KABO.
Kállistos Kessels, Germany modellisting Resin kits, all Borgward prototypes.
Kalyon Kalyon Model, Turkey Injection moulded model of a Temsa Safari bus.
Kam Lun Kam Lun Diecast (Plastic) Products Ltd., Hongkong Die-cast/plastic models of trucks mainly used as promotionals.
Karin Pilz Buscompany  Karin Pilz, Germany Reimport of Rietze busmodels with new prints from 'C.A.B. Enterprises', New York
Karsei Karsei-Modellbahn Volker Seifert, Germany Metal model of a rail-bus.
Katja's Katja's Mini Trucker, Germany Name changed to KTD/HHB in 1998, production continued under the KTD/HHB name. See KTD/HHB.
KATO Kato, Japan modellisting Three Japanese sportscars, production stopped.
Kaval ?, ? modellisting Pewter models of several Volkswagen types.
Kawai ?, Japan modellisting Plastic kits of tanks in 1/88 made in the late 1970s (?)
KDL KDL Modellbau (Klaus Dieter Lemmens), Germany modellisting Resin models of various European cars under tarps meant as loads for modeltrains.
Keese David Keese, USA Limited handbuilt series of US firetrucks built from clear acrylic.
KEFO Fons Custers, The Netherlands Name later changed to Focus.
KEHI Roland Kehr, Germany modellisting Assembled metal models of Eastern European prototypes.
KeilKraft Amerang Ltd., UK modellisting 1/72nd and 1/76th scale plastic bus and truck kits. See: ScanKit.
Keil-Line Keil-Line Models, USA Metal kit of a 1932 Ford roadster. (Walthers catalogue)
Kembel Grand Commerce Development, Hongkong Injection moulded plastic bus models. 
Kemtron Kemtron Sales, USA Modeltrain accessories, offered brass kits of a 1907 'Thomas Flyer' rail auto and a rail bus in 1981.
Kentoys ?, Hongkong Simple plastic models.
Kerico ?, Australia  modellisting
Kerroby Models ?, Australia Metal accessory parts and farm tractor kits.
Keyence Keyence, Japan Converts Herpa trucks to radio-control, sold under the 'Deskrunner 2000' brandname.
Keyser N. & K.C. Keyser Ltd., UK Metal kit of a 1967 VW Beetle.
Kibri Kindler + Briel GmbH, Germany Plastic kits of trucks and construction equipment.
KidCo ?, ? Die-cast toytrucks in approx. 1/100.
Kievmodel ?, ? Ready-made resin models of Russian prototypes.
Kim-Play ?, Hongkong ? Simple plastic copies of EKO models, see EFKA.
Kindway Kindway Industrial Ltd., Hongkong Manufacturer of die-cast and plastic 'beertrucks'.
Kintoy ?, Hongkong MCW Metrobus in 1/87. Also: Kinsmart, see Boley.
KitBashCastings Steve Talaga, USA modellisting Resin kits of various models after US prototypes.
Kleinbahn Klein Modellbahn, Austria modellisting Kleinbahn/Klein Modellbahn : the company split in 1987
Klein Modellbahn Klein Modellbahn, Austria Kleinbahn/Klein Modellbahn : the company split in 1987
Kleine, De (DKM) De Kleine Modelbouw, The Netherlands Dutch importer of (a.o.) Herpa models, produces limited series of models for the Dutch market. The company was taken over by Herpa and is now called Herpa Fritz Wagener Benelux.
Knauth ?, former GDR Produced small series (pewter casting) motorcycles between 1975-1989.
Kniga Kniga, Germany modellisting Not only military models, but also a Volvo 164.
Knopp Hynek Knopp Carmodels, Czech Republic modellisting Resinmodels.
KoHo Koch & Hofmockel, Germany modellisting Simple plastic models used as give-aways, out of production.
Kolln ?, ? F1 models.
KoMo KoMo Ltd., Russia modellisting Manufacturer of military models (Russian prototypes) distributed by Roco in their Minitanks line.
Konia ?, The Netherlands modellisting Solid metal Volvo models.
Kopnak ?, Belarus Simple plastic kits of tanks.
Korber TK Models, USA White-metal kits of at least two different UPS-style trailers.
Kornberger Veit Kornberger, Germany 87th scale keychains, also distributes Kembel in Germany. See VK Modelle.
Kornibus Veit Kornberger, Germany Started to produce a Neoplan bus in 2002.
'Korona' ?, Germany German coffee brand in the 1950s, used least 12 different plastic models without glazing as give-aways.
Kovap Kovap, Czech Republic Announced a Skoda Favorit but stopped the project.
Kraft ?, ? 1960 Dodge bus in 1/87.
Kramer Products Jack Kramer, USA Cast white-metal models of cars, forklifts and a bulldozer.
Krauthauser Ritter C.B. von Krauthauser e.K., Germany Among figures and accessories Krauthauser also procudes white-metal kits of a Multicar 25 chassis, a Büssing A5P armoured car and a French St.Charmond tank (1917).
KS Modelarts Knut Stettnisch , Germany modellisting Issued resin kits of  DTM Opel Omegas. Also see: Vertiges.
KTD/HHB KTD/HHB Modellbau, Germany Produces resin kits, decals and parts and accessories. This includes the former Katja's Truck Design products.
'Kwik Kits' Harry Brunk, USA Clear resin kits of a 1927 Chevrolet coupe and sedan made in the late 1980s. Probably sold in sets containing one of each model.  Out of production..
Kyosho Kyosho Corporation, Japan modellisting 1/80 scale RC controlled bus models.


Lancer Models John Clarke, UK 1/76th scale resin bus kits.
Langer  Marcus Langer, Germany Truck conversion kits and accessories of resin/whitemetal. See: MLM
Langley Langley Models, UK 1/76th model kits in white-metal.
Larssons Larssons Maskin & Hobby, Sweden Production stopped.
Laser ?, Italy
Lassipedes ?, USA Whitemetal kit of a utility cart and cargo trailer.
Lau   Jason Lau, USA Custom model builder, offers truck models such as a Mack CH613. See: Drop & Hook.
Le Mans Miniatures Le Mans Miniatures SARL, France             modellisting Highly detailed resin kits, prepainted kits and assembled models.
Le Train Jaune ?, France modellisting Resin kits, out of production.
Lee Stokes Lee Stokes, USA Cast plaster models -> see Le Roy Toy
Lee Town Lee Town Model Service, USA modellisting Whitemetal car and truck kits.
Legends of Racing ?, USA modellisting Die-cast keychains, made by Kerico.
Lego Lego, Denmark modellisting Plastic models with glazing.
Lehmann-Scholtka Jens Lehmann-Scholtka, Germany Resin kits in 1/87 and 1/24, made ca. 1980 - 84.
Leipziger Leipziger Modellbahnbau, former GDR Anonymous producer of ready-made metal models, disappeared from the market in the early 1990s.
Lemeco ?, Sweden Swedish manufacturer with a relation to Pilot and Wiking, better known as a producer of very scarce and expensive Dinky Toys copies.
Le Roy Toy Lee Stokes, USA modellisting Cast plaster models.
Les Routiers ?, France modellisting Die-cast models, out of production.
LH LH Industries Pte. Ltd., Singapore modellisting The Miber models were introduced under this name in 1985.
Lie-Andreassen Tellef Lie-Andreassen, Norway Norwegian versions of Herpa models.
Life-Like Wm. K. Walthers Inc., USA Simple plastic models. Owned by Walthers since July 2005.
LIMA Hornby Plc., UK modellisting Ca. 1/77 scale plastic models, made in the 50s (then with friction drive) and again in the 70s.
LimoCars LimoCars, The Netherlands modellisting Distributor of Dutch busmodelkits made by Mastica.
Lincoln Lincoln International, Hongkong
Lincoln Lincoln Industries, New-Zealand
Lindberg Lindberg Products Inc., USA modellisting Production stopped, models were released as Hi-Rollers, Van Go, Mini Lindy, Truckin' Big and Big Wheels series.
Lineside Vac-U-Cast Plastics Inc., USA modellisting Four resin kits in 1/87 sofar.
Lion Models Günther Freiherr von Dobeneck, Germany modellisting Started to produce solid resin kits in 1983, switched to white metal later on.
Lit'l Toys ?, USA Several Lit'l Toys were produced from the former Mercury moulds. Lit'l Toys were packed in black and yellow boxes and were produced in Plattsburgh, NY. Some of the Mercury Metal Miniatures in the gold and black boxes were also made in Plattsburgh NY. When the plant burned down in the mid 1960s the company was relocated to Ohio and started producing models under the Gibbs Metal Miniatures name. 
Littke Thomas Littke, Germany Only one model as far as we know, a Bitter CD (Opel based coupé).
Little Bus Little Bus Company, UK 1/76 resin kits of British and Australian buses. Also took over the line of kits formerly made by Fanfare.
Little Things ?, USA Bus models of American prototypes.
Littmann ? Littmann, Germany Only one model as far as we know, a Ferrari 288GTO.
LK Modelle Louis Künster, Germany modellisting Clear-resin kits, distributed by US-models.
L&L ?, Germany Probably has some connection to Danhausen, 1886 Daimler and Benz gold plated models.
Lledo Lledo PLC, UK Models in 1/76th scale.
L+M L+M Spielwaren Handels GmbH, Germany See Morem.
LMJS Lorenskog Modell Jernbane Service, Norway Norwegian versions of Albedo, Herpa, Praline, Rietze, Roco and Wiking models.
Lodela Plasticos Lodela SA, Mexico Manufactured licensed copies of the well-known Revell models in the 1960s. We know of the existance of the Chrysler Imperial 2-door Hardtop, Dodge Lancer Sedan, Dodge Dart, Plymouth Savoy Stationwagon and Plymouth Valiant Stationwagon.
L'Obsidienne L'Obsidienne, France modellisting Highly detailed resin kits.
Lonestar Models Lonestar Models, USA
Lone Star LoneStar Models, UK modellisting Ex-IMPY models. Also see: Tuf-Tots
Lorenskog Tellef Lie-Andreassen, Norway see LMJS.
Lorenz Lorenz, Germany Different versions of a Barkas model.
Louis S. Louis Ltd., Hongkong Two truck tractors.
Loyal Bright Loyal Bright Ltd., Hongkong Die-cast truck models.
Luss Bert ?, Italy modellisting Simple plastic models made in the 1960s.
Luthart Modelbouw Luthart, The Netherlands modellisting Resin kits and a series of decals and accessories. Also: Scale Promotions International.
Lutrasaar Hermes Modellbau, Germany Trucks made from Herpa and Kibri parts, repainted Herpa carmodels.


M&M M&M Miniatures, USA modellisting Plastic kits, issued ca. 1978.
Maag Modellbau Maag, Germany modellisting Produced military wheeled vehicles, now part of Herpa.
MAB mobile VEB Kombinat Metallaufbereitung Halle, former GDR modellisting Production stopped in 1990, moulds sold to Hruska.
Mabar Mabar, Spain Released a series of Spanish taxi models that were repaints based on other manufacturers models.
MAC Distribution Petr Tamele, Czech Republic modellisting Plastic kits of military vehicles.
Mager Gregor Mager, Germany Solid resin models.
Magic Highway Enviroscale, USA
Magic Promotion Herpa Miniaturmodelle, Germany See 
Herpa sub-brand, manufactures truckmodels with die-cast cabs and carmodels that consists of fewer parts then the Herpa models.
Magnum Magnum Miniaturmodellbau KG, Germany Their models were actually the ex-Schimmer ones. It is, however, unknown if Magnum actually released any of the models.
Magnuson Magnuson Models, USA modellisting Solid resin kits sold through Walthers.
Mähler Mähler Werbemittel, Germany modellisting Limited editions of GDR prototypes, circus models and decals.
Malibu Malibu Int'l. Ltd., USA High Speed 1/87 models previously distributed by Model Power, models sold at Wal-Mart in the US.
Maisto Maisto International Inc., USA The 'Highway Haulers' series which is sold under the 'Tonka' brandname is in 87th scale. The cabs of this series of models have recently (2003) been changed to a generic cab to eliminate licensing costs. The trucks are really more toys then accurate scale models.
Majorette Majorette SA, France modellisting Most models are closer to 1/90 and 1/100 scale, some in 1/87. 
Malvern Malvern Model Manufacturing, UK White metal kits of Ford AA trucks in 1/76th scale.
Manu Color Pohe, Germany Improves mass-production models, very small editions (< 100 pieces).
Manurba Manfred Urban, Germany Manfred Urban, Bamberg = Manurba. Cheap plastic models with metal axles. Approx. 19 models were made. 
M.A.R.C. ?, France modellisting Resin kits and decals, out of production.
Mari   ?, Germany Improves Herpa PC models with airbrush (since 1992).
Mark4Design Mark Gasson, New Zealand Showed prototypes of an AMC Ambassador and a Chevrolet Chevette in 2007.
Märklin Gebr. Märklin & Cie. Gmbh, Germany modellisting Made plastic models similar to Wiking in the 1950s, now diecast models.
M.A.T Maquette d'Art de Tourraine / Christophe Rouvre, France Resin kits and transkits for older Citroën 2CVs, based on the Herpa model.
Matador Matador Models, UK Kits of military vehicles in 1/72-1/76.
Matig Josef Matig, Germany Produced resin kits of firebrigade prototypes from 1987 onwards, production stopped.
Mattel Mattel Inc., USA Some of the models from the Hot Wheels series are ca. 1/90.
Marks Marks Metallmodellclassics, Germany Assembled whitemetal and brass models.
Marusan Marusan Shoten Ltd., Japan modellisting Slotcars in approx. 1/64, often referred to as 'HO-scale' in the USA. Out of production.
Marx Louis Marx, USA modellisting Apart from manufacturing die-cast models there was also a series of plastic models.
Masterbilt Models Masterbilt Models, USA modellisting Resin kits made by Bob Johnson in collaboration with Ralph Ratcliffe and others.
Mastercast Finney & Smith, UK modellisting Whitemetal models in 1/100.
Master-Creations Bill's Train Shop, USA Whitemetal kits of a 1920's Oldsmobile truck and a Pierce Arrow truck.
Masterpiece Automotive Replicas Masterpiece Industrial (HK) Ltd., Hongkong. modellisting Company founded in September 2006 by former Ricko mould maker. First models presented at the 2007 Nuremberg Toyfair. European distribution by Busch, US distribution by Atlas.
Masterpieces in Miniature   DJH, UK Two models, a 1966 Ford Station Wagon and a 1984 Plymouth Reliant.
Mastica Mastica, The Netherlands modellisting Produced several kits of buses for LimoCars.
Masudaya Masudaya Co., Japan


Manufactured a set of six diecast models, available as kits.
Matchbox Toys Mattel, USA modellisting Diecast models, some close to 1/87.
Matchbox Collectibles Mattel, USA modellisting Diecast models of trucks made in about 1/87 scale.
Matchbox Superfast Minis Mattel, USA modellisting Diecast toy cars somewhat smaller than 1/87 scale.
M@t Dunkel Matthias Dunkel, Germany 1/87 paper (!) models of caravans and tents. 
Maxwell Mini Trailor ?, ? Copies of 'Shinsei' models, available 1981 in German supermarkets.
Mayerhofer Mayerhofer Modellbau, Germany Refits models with working lights.
'Mazda' ?, China modellisting Die-cast simple model of a Mazda 2 (available at Mazda dealerships)
MBA Modellbahn Austria / Renate Radax, Austria Presented Steyr trucks and some trailers with impressive prints in 1991, also issued enhanced Roco models and several trams.
MBS Godwin T. Petermann, Germany See Modellbauset.
MBSK Modellbau Studio Am Kaisersberg, Germany Resin kits.
MCC Model Car Collection, Germany Ex-R+H models.
McKean McKean Models, USA Plastic kits of US 45ft trailers.
MC-Toys ?, Hongkong Diecast truck models (1989).
MEG  Modell Eck Gäuer, Germany Construction equipment trailer kit + brass accessories for Espewe models, production stopped.
MEG M. Eder, Germany modellisting Resin kit of a Renault Sport Spyder. Improves models with opening doors and hoods, ca. 30 different models.
Megamaster ?, ? US Schoolbus in 1/90.
Meguntic Meguntic Miniatures, USA Decals only, out of production.
Mehlhose Harold Mehlhose, Germany Enhanced ex-GDR mould farm tractor with trailer.
MEK Margit Ebling, Germany Resin kits.
Melzl Melzl, Germany Production stopped.
MEMO Meyer & Eichenseher Modellbau, Germany Production stopped.
Menagerie Menagerie Spielzeuge, Germany Preiser circus cars.
Mercury Clemente & Cavero, Italy modellisting
Mercury ?, USA modellisting
Merit J. & L. Randall Ltd., UK Plastic kits of truckmodels (ca.1978) in 1/76th scale. 
Merker + Fischer Merker + Fischer, Germany Produced photo-etched detail parts for Wiking models in the 1970s. Production stopped.
Metal 87 Spielwaren Danhausen, Germany modellisting Metal kits made by Western Models and distributed exclusively by Danhausen.
Mezquita ?, Spain Simple plastic models of Pegaso Baraja trucks, sold on blistercards, made in the 1970s.
MFB MFB Modell- und Formenbau GmbH, Germany MFB produced the former Praline models until MFB was taken over by Busch in 1994.
MFM Martin Fredrich Modelle, Germany modellisting
MF Modellbau Martin Fischle Modellbau, Germany
MFÖ MFÖ Modellbau Fait & Öhlenschläger GbR, Germany
MGM Trumpeter, China modellisting See: Trumpeter. Produced in China, distributor in Germany was Peter Schaden. Production discontinued for a few years, several models are now distributed by Brekina.
MH Modelle Michel Hughes, Germany modellisting Several tractor models in 87th scale. Production stopped.
MHI Scale Models MHI, Ukraine modellisting Plastic kits of military models.
Miber LH Industries Pte. Ltd., Singapore modellisting Plastic models made in 1985-1996.
Micarola ?, France modellisting Injection moulded plastic models of French prototypes (ca.1987).
Micro Feinmechanik Micro Feinmechanik / M. Rauchenecker, Germany A detailed metal kit of a Mack truck appeared in 1983, in 1985 they presented different versions of a 1915 Maffei truck kit.
Micro Engineering Micro Engineering, USA
(Wheel Works)
45' trailer kit (plastic body + metal chassis).
Microlink Microlink Industries Ltd., UK The moulds from the original Lone Star Tuf Tots series were used by Microlink to produce a series called 'Mokes'. See Lone Star.
Micro Machines Galoob Toy Company, USA Made a series of Corvette models, slightly bigger than 1/87.
Micro-Metakit Micro-Metakit, Germany One Ford tractormodel, but no longer available as far as we know.
Micro Mini Hot Wheels Mattel, USA modellisting Die-cast models near 1/87.
Micronart Micronart, USA modellisting Several photo-etched brass kits.
Microscale Microscale Decals, USA Decals only.
Midget Cars ?, France modellisting Car models in 1/86, truck models in 1/120.
Midget Models ?, UK Metal kits in 1/76th (OO) scale.
Midgetoy A&E Tool & Gauge Co., USA modellisting Simple die-cast models, out of production. 
Mikes Models  ?, UK White metal kits in  1/76th (OO) scale.
Mikro-Auto SMER, Czech Republic See SMER.
Milepost 501 Milepost 501 Hobbies, USA A plastic Fruehauf Z-van trailer kit and accessories for truck models.
Milicast Milicast, UK 1/76 scale military models.
Military Depot T. Fichtl, Germany Distributor for military models, produces a range of German military models (resin) as well.
Mili-Maquettes ITA s.a.r.l., France Models of military vehicles
Milton ?, India Zamac copies of Budgie (Seddon Diesel with trailer) and Schuco (VW Beetle, Mercedes 220) models.
Minia ?, ?
Minialuxe ?, France modellisting Issued at least vintage models in the 1960s, out of production.
Miniatronics Miniatronics, USA Announced models made by other manufacturers enhanced with lighting in July 2002.
Miniature Realism Michael Scheel & Tobias Wilhelmi, Germany Resin truckcabs and accessories.
Miniatures by Eric ?, Canada Resin models of American bus-types.
Miniaturmodelle ?, Latvia Injection moulded plastic models of GAZ-51 and 52 trucks. (Possibly the source of the Ballentin models)
Miniature Soldiers ? , USA Produced several military model made of resin between januari 1987 until 1997. The models were sold by mail and through several hobby shops.After 1997, Fidelis Models has rereleased these HO models. Available models were:  the USMC LVTP-7 (6 versions), the FT-17 tank, the FAASV and the M-7 Priest. 
Miniature Toys Miniature Toys, USA see MVM.
Miniatures Rei  ?, Brazil Produced Büssing trucks which were Schuco Piccolo copies with glazing.
MiniautHO ?, Argentina Plastic Formula 1 models made in the 1960s: Lotus, Vanwall, Mercedes and two Ferrari types plus a Citroën DS.
Mini Auto Laden Mini-Auto-Laden, Germany One model, a Ford Granada stationwagon.
MiniCar VEB Plastspielwaren, former GDR Predecessor of SES.
MiniCars Anguplas, Spain Anguplas model were sold under this name.
Minichamps Paul's Model Art, Germany Formula 1 models, a McLaren F1 and Opel Calibra DTM models.
Mini Collection ?, Japan modellisting Solid metal models.
Mini Jet Norev, France Series of die-cast car models in 1/64, but several truck models  smaller then 1/87 (close to 1/100). See Norev.
Minikin Manfred Stroppe, Germany Models in solid brass and silver.
Mini-Classik ?, Ukraine Besides their well-known models in 1/43 Mini-Classik also makes resin models in 1/87. 
Mini Lindy Lindberg, USA modellisting Production stopped.
Minimac ?, Brazil Diecast model of a Huber-Warco grader.
Minimag Minimag Collection, France Provided Wiking and Kibri trucks with decals without permission of these manufacturers.
Mini Metal ?, USA Motorcycle models (police versions only).
MiniMite S.S. Kresge Co., UK  Die-cast models, the series contained several LoneStar models that were re-boxed as MiniMites.
Mini Movers   ?, Hongkong Mack firetrucks with cabs made by IHC.
Mini-World Multiple Toymakers, division of Miner Industries, USA Sets of models and accessories made by various manufacturers for Miner. A set containing Minix models can be seen on the Minix page. 
Minix Rovex Scale Model Ltd, UK modellisting
MIR ?, Russia Plastic kits of Russian WW2 tanks, available models were T-34/76, T-34/85, T-26, T-70 and BT-7a.
M.J. Trading  ?, Sweden First mentioned in 1990, improved Herpa/Albedo models with own prints.
MK Modelle Jörg Placke, Germany Accessories for emergency vehicles.
MLM Marcus Langer Modellbau, Germany Resin kits and ready-made models and decals.
MM H. Möller & H. Theilmeier, Germany Distributor for a Krupp 4 axle crane produced in Russia.
MM Brno (Master Modell Brno) Jaroslav Mendl, Czech Republic modellisting Resin kits.
MMM MMM Hobbies, UK 87th scale photo-etched stainless steel grille frets incorporating the characteristic V shape to convert Opel Astras, Vectras, Omegas and other vehicles by Herpa and other makers to Vauxhalls
MMR Modely MMR, Czech Republic Manufacturer of resin trolleybus models, three models known sofar; Skoda 9Tr, MAN/BBC Salzburg (1940), Coimbra Sécheron/Saurer (1947).
MMT Munchener Modellbahn Treff, Germany modellisting Offered resin/whitemetal kits from 1980 onwards. Also known as Conversion 87.
Model Group Dniepr Model Group Dniepr, Ukraine 87th scale military models, see Colibri.
Modeline ?, Brazil White-metal kits of a 2-axle Iveco tractor and a Mercedes armoured van. (Brazilian cabs !!)
Modell-Auto-Shop  ?, Germany Improved fire truck models.
Modellbahn Austria Modellbahn Austria, Austria ROCO trailers with different liveries.
Modellbahn Kreativ Modellbahn Kreativ, Germany
Modellbauset Godwin T. Petermann, Germany Fire truck models, metal accessories.
Modell-Bil-Design Model-Bil-Design, Norway Norwegian versions of Herpa, Wiking and Rietze models.
Modellbusfabrik Nico Didion, Germany After a long period of uncertainty if the company still existed and if they were going to release the model at all, the company went bankrupt, the Drogmoller Comet bus they wanted to make was later released by Limo Cars from the Modellbusfabrik moulds.
Modell-Fahrzeuge VEB Berlinplast, former GDR Production stopped.
Modell International Model International, Germany modellisting See PreP, see Praline.
Modell-Konstrukt VEB Modell Konstrukt, former GDR Production stopped.
Modell Mekanik ?, Sweden Three Volvo whitemetal kits (ca. 1989). Also the manufacturer of the Teknobygg Volvo models.
Modell-Mobil Modell-Mobil, Germany Ordered a Melkus RS exclusively from V&V, also distributes Eastern European models.
Modellpolente ?, Germany Small series of models of German policecars and decals.
Modellproduktion ?, Sweden modellisting Resin kits of Swedish buses.
Modelltec Modelltec GmbH, Germany Formerly known as SES.
Modeltrans Modeltrans, Spain modellisting Injection moulded busmodels after Spanish prototypes.
Model Planning Model Planning, Japan modellisting Production of models in 1/87 has apparently been stopped in November 2003.
Model Power Model Power, USA modellisting Produces a Kenworth truck in various versions and die-cast car models.
Model Recycling Model Recycling, USA
Model Supercargo Mini   ?, Germany modellisting Metal kits of Büssing trucks. 
Models11 Al Muniz, USA modellisting Announced a 2008 Dodge Charger model in injection moulded plastic. This project was cancelled in August 2008.
Model Traction Model Traction Supply Company, USA modellisting Metal kits of bus models.
Model Transport ?, ? Resin kits. (a.o. a Landrover Ninety)
Modern Jumbo Modern Jumbo Commerce Ltd., Hongkong Herpa's first US truck models were manufactured by Modern Jumbo.
Mokes Microlink Industries, UK See Microlink.
Mo-Miniatur H. Brunner, Germany Whitemetal and brass models.
Monogram Monogram Models Inc., USA modellisting Production of the 1/87th 'Mini-Exacts' stopped.
Mopok   ?, UK Pewter kits in 1/76th (OO) scale.
Morem L+M Spielwaren Handels GmbH, Germany modellisting Assembled metal models of historic racing cars.
Morestone Budgie Models Ltd., UK Ca. 20 different diecast models issued in the 1950s/1960s. Production stopped.
Most Modelle Most Modelle, Germany Diecast and plastic promotional models. 
Motorart Motorart Models, Sweden Several Volvo models in 1/87. Click the 'news' button on their homepage to see the list of models announced.
Motor Bomb Motor Bomb Products, Japan Limited edition of handmade resin Cheetah (1963-1964) models in various colours.
Motor Car Classics ?, ? Resin truck kits.
Motormax Motormax Toy Factory, Hongkong modellisting Manufacturer of 1/87th models of tanks and military trucks. Added the first 'Fresh Cherries' models in 1/87 to their line-up in December 2006. Formerly known as Zee Toys/Zylmex/Zyll.
Motorworks ?, ? 1/87 die-cast NASCAR models.
Mougel ?, France Kit of a Renault S 105 bus (resin/brass/whitemetal).
Mountain States Mountain States Model Works, USA modellisting Production stopped.
MPC Multiple Products Co., USA later Multiple Toymakers, division of Milner Industries modellisting Simple plastic models.
MR Matthias Roth Modellbau, Germany modellisting Military models and conversion kits.
Mr. Moon Lars Müller, Germany Decals for German Police and Firedepts and resin kits of German Firefighting vehicles. Production stopped in 2006, see Remember Modelle.
MT ?, Japan
MTD Modell-Technik Darmstadt, Germany Resin model of a Setra bus.
MTS* Model Tech Studios, USA Small open trailers (1 & 2-axle versions, kits) *Click 'HO-scale' then HO-details' when visiting the site.
MT&M Model Trucks & More, Canada  
Müller Hobby Modellbau Karl-Heinz Müller, Germany Decals only.
Müller Niko Müller, Germany modellisting Resin kits. See NM.
Müller-Romminger   ?, Austria Produced a resin truck cab of a Steyr 680 in 1981. 
Muovo ? , Finland Simple plastic give-aways that came in Chymos candy-bags in Finland in the 1950s.
MVM Minature Vehicle Manufacturers, USA Miniature Toys and MVM must be related, their programs are almost identical. 
MZZ MZZ AG, Switzerland Distributed Knopp models.
MZZ-Larsson ?, Sweden See Larsson.

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