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The making of....  a Volvo S80 in resin - part 3

3. Going 3-dimensional

Preparing the silhouettes

The cut out Volvo parts still need some trimming since there is excess material on the edges. One cannot be too careful... The first of many sanding sessions follows.

One mm too much… …one to go… …ready!

Time: 12 min., total: 46 min.

It comes together...

Now that the silhouettes are prepared it’s time to get them together. The 87th scale width of the S80 is 21 mm, and with the two 1 mm parts from the steps above the connecting stripe has to be 19 mm – exactly.

The stripe, 2 mm thick to allow some filing, is subsequently cut into pieces for hood, trunk and bumpers. I am not thinking about the roof at the moment.

It is important to glue the parts at a 90° angle, both silhouettes must be placed congruently. Believe me, I didn’t get this right at the first attempt!

Time: 21 min.; total: 67 min.


Does that look like a Volvo?

Well, it roughly looks like a car, doesn’t it? The point of making such exact side parts was to get an accurate line from the beginning, so that perspective doesn’t need a lot of work anymore.

On the other hand the model is a plain square when viewed from above. This is part of the plan, but it still slightly worries me!

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