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The making of....  a Volvo S80 in resin - part 4

4. It’s beginning to look like a car …

Cleaning up

Filing and sanding down the rough edges, that just has to be done next!

There is still room for improvement …

Time: 14 min., total: 81 min. 

More shaping

To get an idea of what the S80 will look like I cut out the wheel housings, only to realize that the master is quite wide – surprisingly wide!

Can that possibly be right?

Time: 9 min., total: 90 min.

And glueing again

Now the top view of the Volvo drawing is utilized. It indicates how to round off the front and rear ends.

Since the body is too thin at the corners, some plastic material has to be added and smoothed accordingly again.

Progress, definitely !


Time: 25 min., total: 115 min.

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