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Additional info received from Nick Katzingris

MDC-R / PIC-R    Roadtest

This Taiwanese manufacturer of toys and models started a new series of modeltrucks in 1/87 in 2006. The first model released was an Iveco Stralis tractor with trailer, where the tractor is a die-cast model and the trailer is made of plastic.

Ref# Model Print
46703 Renault Magnum with trailer F1 Racing
46713 Renault Magnum with trailer ING / Renault F1 team
46803 Volvo FH16 with trailer Yamaha / Goooo!
47023 Iveco Stralis with trailer Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1
47043 Iveco Stralis with trailer Electroplate Container
47033 Iveco Stralis with trailer Maserati Reparto Corse
47053 Iveco Stralis with trailer Ducati Racing Team
? Iveco Stralis with trailer Loris Kessel Racing / Ferrari Challenge
? Iveco Stralis with trailer Iveco Stralis
? Iveco Stralis with trailer UPIM Blukids
? Iveco Stralis (2007) w/trailer 'All Blacks'

The above-mentioned models aren't the first ones NewRay released in (near) 1/87. In 1995 they already released a series of simple plastic models (toys) that were near 1/87th. The models were sold in a diorama-like sets and the Jeep Dakar was part of a non-powered railroad set.

The models:

Ref# Model
? Mercedes-Benz 4-door Taxi
? Mercedes-Benz G-type
? Mercedes-Benz 'Binz' ambulance
? Jaguar XJ 220
? Mazda 'B' series crew-cab pick-up 
? BMW 850 coupé
? Volkswagen T4 ambulance
? Volkswagen Golf 4-door
? Range Rover 4-door 'Police'
? Porsche 911
? Ferrarri Testarossa
? Lamborghini Diablo
? Jeep Dakar Concept truck 
? Chevrolet Cameo pick-up 
? Volkswagen Beetle  

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