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Information received from Achim Lademacher

MDC-R    Bachmann

Shinsei is a manufacturer of diecast models in different scales. Their 'Mini Power' series was available in the 1970's and 1980's and featured trucks, fire apparatus and construction machinery ranging from 1/48th to 1/132rd scale. In 1980 Shinsei released the 'Mini Truck' series consisting of a Kenworth conventional, a Peterbilt CoE and a GMC CoE, each of them available with two different trailers. This series later re-appeared under the 'H.O. Haulers' name. Despite this name only the Mack CoE was close to 1/87th scale, the other models were smaller (the Kenworth was 1/128th scale for example).

Apart from these two series Shinsei manufactured an exact 1/87th scale model of the Hitachi EX8000. In 2007 this was the 2nd largest hydraulic mining shovel of the world and Shinsei made the model for Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. as a promotional item. It is one of the biggest HO models that has ever been available.

listed are only models that are close to 1/87th scale.

Ref# Model Scale
Mini Power Series
4103 Hitachi BH500 bucket wheel excavator 1:100
4105 Mitsubishi Fuso T911 Snorkel fire engine 1:80
4106 Mitsubishi Fuso T911 Aerial Work Vehicle 1:80
4107 P&H bucket crawler crane 1:93
4108 Mitsubishi Fuso Chemical fire engine 1:78
4109 Mitsubishi Fuso Snorkel chemical fire engine 1:78
4110 Caterpillar 769B dump truck 1:84
4125 Mitsubishi TMS8A motor scraper 1:95
4127 Hitachi PH 180 pile driver 1:96
4129 Hitachi UH 20 hydraulic shovel 1:85
4130 Hitachi PH 180 crawler crane 1:96
4131 Kato 30 THC earth drill* 1:88
4132 Caterpillar D9G dozer w ripper 1:74
4140 Caterpillar 777C dumptruck 1:90
4142 Caterpillar 992C wheel loader 1:75
H.O. Haulers
? Mack MC/MR series CoE truck 1:91
Promotion models
30094 Hitachi EX8000 hydraulic mining shovel 1:87
* actually not a drill, but a special clamshell with aligning tube for digging round holes.

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